Yes… Another Point of View on Syria

It’s been a while since I posted. As I told a trusted confidant, it’s mostly because everything I’ve been reading annoys and angers me. But here we go… a quick statement on the Syria Situation.

Personally, I think the US should stay out of foreign conflicts. Say all you want about the humanitarian issues (Especially in light of the recent chemical war crimes in Syria) but historically it seems to me intervention in the Middle East tends to only cause future problems. One major example of this would be the US backing the Taliban in the Cold War which helped the rise of Islamic extremism. Other examples I’d be willing to talk to anyone about in a conversation. Issac Newton’s Third Law of Motion states “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” I believe this is the same about people. Push someone and they push back. Scream your point of view to someone and they reply with the same zeal.

That’s just my opinion. With the US missile strikes, the narrative within DC has shifted AND this is what I want to highlight. The “alt-right” groups that backed the man who I believe ordered the missile strike to show he could win in a measuring contest are screaming about their savior betraying them… and of course David Duke is blaming the Jews. The rest of the Republican base is praising the man on the throne… despite the fact they didn’t want President Obama to do the same:
And of course the Democrat leadership seems thrilled that everything that happens in Syria is on the puppet who deeply believes in nepotism.

The rest of the op-ed pieces I keep seeing in the news praise the golfer in chief for finding a distraction from the Russia issues or for finding a cause. It brings me back to Syria itself. The single biggest argument to intervene always seems to be on the basis of humanitarianism… Where is that in the news? Who is saying the US did the moral thing?