And Now a Word From… Seriously?

I can’t believe it… I actually feel the need to comment on him. So please help me re-welcome to the stage of craziness, a man who has humiliated himself a few times while trying to get the Republican nomination for President and the who is currently holding a cabinet position he forget the name of in a debate and later swore to end (Along with education)… Rick Perry. Yes, the man famous for the great “oops” in a debate is someone I suddenly feel the need to comment on.

Now you’d think I’d feel the need to comment on something about the Department of Energy. After all, Perry is the Secretary of Energy, which notably is a phrase that is so crazy that it’s running a close second along with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and several others but behind the really insane phrase I don’t wish to say. But no. My comment on Perry today is he’s claiming the election was rigged! No not the Presidential election… no not a Senate race… no keep going lower. The rigged election that Perry comment on is the race for student body President of his alma mater, Texas A&M.

So apparently there was some actual controversy in this race. A&M students voted in one guy by a slim margin, however a student judicial court disqualified the popular vote winner on failure to disclose financial information (Over glow sticks of all things). Notably there was also another charge of voter intimidation. Anyway… so first guy was out and the runner up won. This became historic at A&M because it was their first gay student body President. Wow… this is already way too much background.

So what’s my point. Rick Perry, you’re the damn Secretary of Energy and you’re getting involved in an election that literally has nothing to do with yourself. Seriously, if you’re whining for attention again, go on another reality show because I’m guessing most of your job is being a toady who is working for interests that don’t involve average Americans.


Also in the news, or actually not so much in the news… is a recent memo by Jeff Sessions.

In the memo, Sessions writes: “It is the policy of the Department of Justice to reduce crime in America, and addressing violent crime must be a special priority.” When you consider the slashed budget of the Department of Justice and it’s special priority I’d say it’s safe to infer that any corporate crime won’t be a priority.


So there we go. Sorry for another depressing and anger rousing post. To cheer you up, cute puppies:


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