Switching Gears… Sort Of.

One of my favorite video game series has been Mass Effect. It’s a fun series with a good story and I’ve been a huge fan even with the “controversial” ending to the third game. The company that makes the series is coming out with a fourth game shortly that essentially reboots the series in a new galaxy. Advanced reviews of the game suggest that the facial animation is poor. So of course a handful of gamers are blaming a woman who worked on that part of the animation because… she’s a woman. Oh and did I mention many of these gamers have threatened to kill and rape the woman.

Yes that’s right, gamergate has returned. For those of you who don’t know the phrase, gamergate basically refers to the harassment of female programers and gamers in the video game community. I won’t really get into who these harassers are. If you want to learn more I have links below. What I will say is I find these people to be merely pathetic. To send death threats over a video game makes you a lousy person. To send rape threats shows a pathetic impotence.

That’s all I really have to say now. Games are supposed to be fun for all. When pathetic creatures threaten women over a game… well they’re just low creatures.




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