MY Civilization

Ok, I’ve been trying to work on a post about racism and justice in the wake of an Indian man murdered in Kansas and a Sikh attacked in Seattle by people who made some comment along the lines of “get out of my country.” I’m still working on it and I plan on give it a title along the lines of “Well, what about MY country.” The problem is it’s taking a while and I’ve been busy. So I’ll give a shorter rant today:

Today is about Iowa Congressman Steve King. Last summer King made national news by declaring white Christians contributed the most to Western Civilization than any “subgroup.” Yes, he used the word subgroup. I’m guessing he’s never asked any Jewish, Muslim, or non-white group for campaign contributions. I’m also guessing if he and David Duke have each others pictures on their walls. Speaking of which, the KKK wizard has declared the Congressman to be the picture of sanity via twitter and also asked God to bless him. Anyway… Now the Iowa Congressman has declared that “our civilization” is being held back by Muslim babies.

Ok, I’m paraphrasing… but sadly not actually reshaping his message. This is a man who declared that a football player taking a knee during the national anthem to protest police violence was actually cheering for isis. This is also the same man who, in the wake of madman in the Whit House claiming President Obama wiretapped him, called for a “purge” of anyone hired by President Obama because they might be creating a shadow government.

Insanity is the normal to spread fear and encourage racist bull.

So what lesson should we all take from this? Call out racism. Don’t scream it from the rooftops, but point it out.

I’ve sent an email to the Iowa Congressman telling him “It’s my civilization too.” His email is, please do the same.


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