The Past, Present, and Future

So those of you who haven’t seen it yet, this is the new internet joke: If this happens to get taken down, it’s a picture taken of a Muslim woman with the full traditional garb sitting next to a drag queen in a NY subway car. This was posted on a conservative blog under the heading “This is the future that liberals want.” Strangely enough the picture taker’s camera was not some Twilight Zone camera that took pictures of some unknown future event… it was likely a very normal camera that took pictures of the present which depicted as I said before “a Muslim woman with the full traditional garb sitting next to a drag queen in a NY subway car” (Wow… I just quoted myself…).

Forgetting the potential problems in the time-space continuum, let’s just think of the picture in a different perspective. Two random people being who they want. People once escaped persecution to be themselves in America. May they be Pilgrims escaping their plight, traditional Muslims, or guys who like dressing in drag… I don’t really understand any of those groups but hey, live your life your way and let me live mine my way and we’ll all be happy. Just think of this:

Well that’s my 2 cents. On that at least. A couple of more things to mention. First off, I really dislike Kellyanne Conway. If she were to say it was sunny out, I’d want a second opinion. But recently a photo of her was shown online of her kneeling on the White House couch. Some called this disrespectful, I didn’t really see why. Others, including democrats, made jokes about a woman on her knees. Those I found truly offensive. If you’re going to attack Conway, attack her credibility, don’t stoop to a lower level. One such attacker was Louisiana Rep Cedric Richmond. Makes me wonder how he would respond to a joke about a black man on his knees? He apparently has no problem joking about a woman. Racism and sexism are both problems that we need to solve.

I’d also like to applaud Chelsea Clinton who broke partisan politics to defend Conway. She showed honor.

So that’s my statement for tonight. I want a future where we all just stay out of each others business and accept one another. I want a present where we fight for a future for everyone. I want a past that we can look at thoughtfully to avoid our future and present hypocrisies.


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