Is the time of civil discourse over? Can we repair this fractured country or is it just time to go separate ways? I’m thinking more and more that we just want to tear each other apart. I’m not going to pretend this all started with the last election or even that I’m immune to saying horrible things about people. This has been a long slow decline for all of us.

I read this article today in the Miami Herald about 2 gay men who were harassed by a man screaming “You live in Trump country.” That’s just part of the iceberg lately Jewish cemeteries are being vandalized, community centers threatened, and people all over being attacked because of the color of their skin.

More and more it seems like hate is winning out. Every issue seems to be black and white and neither side seems intent on talking. I grew up in a family that didn’t hate anyone. The first time I heard a white boy call a black boy by the N-word I was fifth grade and I was stunned. I never heard it outside of a movie. The reason the white boy said it… the black boy had just kicked a ball over the white boy’s head in a kickball game. Any yet today, decades later, I’m no longer stunned. Hatred seems like the way of things.

Maybe change needs to start small. If someone angers you tomorrow, turn it around and be nice in return. I’ll try to do the same.


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