State’s Rights

Last night at CPAC the woman who happily bought her cabinet position as Secretary of Education happily defended allowing various states to decide how to treat transgender students by stating (And yes this is a paraphrase) that it was a state’s rights issue. That often seems to be the drumbeat of the right wing. And to be honest, I do think some things have to be state’s rights… an example of which I’ll come to later. But there has to be a line of how we treat our fellow humans or we risk something greater.

What if in the past we had left the idea of who should vote to the states? Gotta wonder which states would still be telling women and minorities that they can’t vote. Especially when you considered the amount of tricks some states have pulled out to limit minority votes.

How about with gay marriage? If you really think that should be left up to states then think about this, JAMA Pedatrics recently reported that since the Obergefell v. Hodges case which struck down all anti-gay marriage laws the suicide rate of teens in a sexual minority has decreased by quite a bit: If your answer to that right now is “So what,” then 1) If you are a Christian try to remind yourself that Jesus said to love all, 1a) If you’re still saying “so what” or “but Jesus hates the gays” then I’m really sorry that you have that hate in your heart. 2) If you’re a different religion then I’d love to hear your justification. 3) If you’re not religious and you don’t care then I find your lack of compassion to be disturbing.

Ok… so getting back to my point about transgender bathroom laws and state’s rights. Basically  by removing federal protection then certain states will continue to stigmatize a segment of the population. Transgenders will continued to be singled out as “different” which will allow others to see them as not on their level of humanity. Let’s face it, a lot of the opposite to those laws has been attempts to link sexual deviance to transgenders. Without federal protect we risk allowing more students at risk of suicide or threats to continue to be threatened.

Alright, so there’s the rant against the Secretary of Education and the defense of transgender protections. Now here’s the state’s rights part. Last night Melissa McCarthy, wait sorry that was Spicer, said the federal government would enforce federal drug laws in states that had voted to allow recreational marijuana usage. Just curious… why isn’t that a state’s rights issue?


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