Goodnight, Carrie Fisher

I don’t really follow celebrity news. My eyes tend to gloss over whenever a person famous for nothing other than being famous is on the news. The names that are most familiar to the 18 to 25 market tend to have me asking “who is that and why should I care.” But 2016 has really sucked for some of the losses. People like:

-Muhammed Ali, one of the greatest athletes ever and a pro-peace activist.
-David Bowie, the man who made glam rock great and gave us one of the greatest albums ever “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.”
-Leonard Cohen, the great poet and singer.
-Steven Hill, best known for his long time on Law and Order as the DA, he also was the first team leader on Mission: Impossible.
-Harper Lee, one of The US’s greatest novelists. Every teenager must read To Kill A Mockingbird.
-Garry Marshall, he had a great acting career but I loved his guest spots on Murphy Brown more than anything else he did.
-Prince, again I wasn’t a major fan but still he was an icon.
-Alan Rickman, best known for playing Snape I best remember him on Galaxy Quest.
-Abe Vigoda, ok not one of my favorites but he was a star on one of my father’s favorite shows, Barney Miller.
-Gene Wilder – Comic genius, nothing more to say.
-Anton Yelchin, ok not really one of the greats but he showed great potential as an actor and not just as the new Chekov.
-And others who are not named for time or simply because I don’t wish to acknowledge their life… he knows who he is.

Unfortunately in the closing days we must also say goodbye to Carrie Fisher who is most remembered for being the iconic Princess Leia. Also to Debbie Reynolds, Fisher’s mother who died a day latter. I can only wish peace to both their families and extended families in their time of loss. I know the chances of any of them reading this is between the probabilities of zero and hitting a small target with a peanut while traveling in a jet, but I can say I lost someone significant to me this year. But I can’t understand your pain, I hope you find peace.


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