Cabinet of Terror

Ok, so it’s been a while since I posted. In that time our new president-elect, who I feel the need to continually remind people lost the popular vote, has picked out most of his cabinet and advisors. Let’s look at them so far:

State: Rex Tillerson. The Secretary of State is commonly the head of foreign affairs and oh boy do we got a doozy. The chairman of ExxonMobile with close ties to Russia and Putin. He also retains a great deal of stock in his company. My guess, he’s gonna care more about his checkbook than the citizens of the United States. Oh and I forgot to mention he was suggest by several former government officials… who profited from ExxonMobile. Also as an oil man he thinks climate change isn’t real.

Defense: James Mattis. Nicknamed “Mad Dog.” While that should say enough Let’s look at his own words from 2005 – “You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn’t wear a veil,” he said. “You know, guys like that ain’t got no manhood left, anyway. So it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them. Actually, it’s a lot of fun to fight. You know, it’s a hell of a hoot. It’s fun to shoot some people, I’ll be right up front with you; I like brawling.” So to all you people who said Hillary would start WWIII… our new Secretary of Defense is a hawk who likes violence.

Homeland Security: John Kelly. While I find very little to dislike about the man as he seems to have kept out of controversy, The Guardian has a quote of him making a point against diversity. I have no back up for this so I have to say this is the first pick that doesn’t scare, sicken, or disgust me.

Treasury: Steven Mnichin. His nickname is the “Foreclosure King.” I’m guessing this is the draining the swamp by adding alligators method.

Attorney General: Jeff Sessions. Has a history of racist comments and praised the KKK… don’t believe me, look up how he failed to be a federal judge in the Regan era. Welcome back “stop and frisk.”

Labor: Andrew Puzder. The former CEO of Hardees and Carl’s Jr opposes raising the minimum wage and government regulation. But hey, at least the new president says he is a hero of the working class. Psst… I don’t think this guy will look out for the working class interests.

Health and Human Services: Tom Price. Wants to privatize healthcare even more and attempted to defund Planned Parenthood. We pause now for our commercial break –;jsessionid=40480EF4C11C541F1C1DE648DED31263.app20108b?df_id=12913&12913.donation=form1&s_src=Evergreen_c3_PPNonDirected_shorturl
Now back from that commercial. He’s also described as “100% pro-life.” Or as I would call it, who gives a damn about the woman she’s just the incubator.

Energy: Rick Perry. Wait, seriously? This guy has been a national joke for the last 8 years… If it wasn’t for Palin we’d be making far more jokes about this guy. Oh by the way he’s another climate change denier who once tried to say in a debate that he wanted to eliminate the Department of Energy… but apparently he couldn’t remember that it existed.

Housing and Urban Development: Ben Carson. As child who grow up poverty who’s mother relied on welfare and food stamps he’s become a champion of such programs. Wait, hold on a sec… no I was wrong, he wants to eliminate them. Then there’s the conspiracies he believes in… there’s just too many. I’d say he’s the scariest pick… put then again, look above.

Commerce: Wilbur Ross. Basically on old friend of the new president who has been nicknamed “The King of Bankruptcy.” Oh yes… the Secretaries of Treasury and Commerce are kings of foreclosure and bankruptcy. Nice. Once again, who do this people represent? Something about a swamp?

Transportation: Elaine Chao. I actually have nothing to say about her. So the second that doesn’t scare, sicken, or disgust me.

Interior: Ryan Zinke. While he is a self proclaimed conservationist he does have a history of voting for drilling on federally protected lands.

Education: Betsy DeVos. She’s lobbied heavily for school vouchers and criticizes public schools despite never attending one or sending her children to any. It should also be noted her father-in-law is the co-founder of Amway (A pyramid scheme) and her brother is the founder of Blackwater (known for it’s war profiteering).

New CIA Director: Mike Pompeo. After the Boston Marathon bombing he insisted Muslims everywhere rejoiced (false). He also praises torture, opposes the closing of Guantanamo, believes in NSA surveillance of US citizens, and wants Edward Snowden executed. Welcome to the scary old days of the CIA.

EPA: Scott Pruitt. Despite evidence to the contrary he’s stated that most scientist don’t believe in climate change. Nuff said.

UN Ambassador: Nikki Haley. While she did ban the confederate flag following the mass shooting in South Caroline she did so mostly because she had little choice. Most of my real complaints about her are minor.

Small Business Administration: Linda McMahon. Best known for having the voters of Connecticut not wanting her to be their senator and donating millions to the president-elect’s campaign. Proving once again if you can’t get voted into government, you can buy your way in.

National Security Advisor: Michael Flynn. After the recent “Pizzagate” fiasco he stated on twitter that his statements needed to be proven wrong or else he was right. So basically the National Security Advisor position is being renamed Czar of Fake News.

Chief Strategist: Steve Bannon. King of the alt-right… yeah, I just can’t go on.

Stay tuned to hear about the next Secretary of Agriculture and Veteran Affairs. I can’t wait to hear how they scare me.


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