Preaching the Message

So yesterday was Thanksgiving. My family and I had a wonderful time with the food and the conversation of who gather around our table. We had two non-family members around the table who fit in wonderfully and accepting our family’s dark and dry sense of humor. I wish them and my family the happiest of futures.

One such person at the table (well he joined us for desert) was a younger cousin of mine who asked me economic questions that I could not fully answer. He also refused to vote in the election (his first chance to vote) and had serious questions about both candidates. I answered certain questions the best I could, I told him what I could not answer, and I told him to continue asking questions.

In other words, I did not preach to the choir. I told the young man to keep asking questions about the questions I could not answer. I told him to keep asking questions. I sincerely hope he does. It’s his future. He must be the kind of person who keeps questioning the world. I don’t want to guide the young man to answers, I want him to find them for himself.

Ok, I promise (unless something else comes up) to continue my talks on the first amendment.

Also for those who are reading this blog. Please leave a comment, start a conversation.




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