In Which I Try This Again…

Well, I’ve decided to return and this time I’ve decided to see if I can get not just people who will listen but also people who will talk.

For those of you living under a rock the last 2 years have been insane in the US where I live. Screaming people vying to lead, insulting one another, lying to the people, and just simply making most of us tried and crazed. Out of the ashes came two candidates, Clinton and Trump. One was a woman who’s spent her entire life in public service and essentially grooming herself for real leadership. The other was a misogynistic racist bully businessman who reveled in the creation of the cult of personality built around him.

It was supposed to be a story with a happy ending, Clinton was supposed to crush Trump dealing a blow to the bullying and dog whistle politics that have become the new normal of American politics. But no. The country chose the misogynistic racist bully. Dreams of many were crushed, not just in seeing the first woman President, crushed under the weight of the new normal of bullying your way to the front.

Personally, I spent last night being angry with the country. I essentially came to a new conclusion, I no longer care. The country could burn for all I care for we shall reap what we sow. In other words, I became enveloped in a low grade hatred.

Unfortunately I can’t do that. The more I thought the more I realized that people I cared about care. My mother, sister, and other female friends who’s rights may be turned back by 20 years care. My old roommate who has a child who will inherit a world with environmental problems cares. They care, so I care. I said before that we need an evolution and not a revolution. But neither comes over night. Change requires commitment and changing others requires more. I’m not saying I can change the world or even make a dent, but I still have a voice. So even if I have to scream to the wind I should.

So, welcome to the blog of Aleph Naught. It’s a name that means infinity. I chose the name because of my love of math and the fact that the good fight should be like infinity, it shouldn’t end.


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