Preaching the Message

So yesterday was Thanksgiving. My family and I had a wonderful time with the food and the conversation of who gather around our table. We had two non-family members around the table who fit in wonderfully and accepting our family’s dark and dry sense of humor. I wish them and my family the happiest of futures.

One such person at the table (well he joined us for desert) was a younger cousin of mine who asked me economic questions that I could not fully answer. He also refused to vote in the election (his first chance to vote) and had serious questions about both candidates. I answered certain questions the best I could, I told him what I could not answer, and I told him to continue asking questions.

In other words, I did not preach to the choir. I told the young man to keep asking questions about the questions I could not answer. I told him to keep asking questions. I sincerely hope he does. It’s his future. He must be the kind of person who keeps questioning the world. I don’t want to guide the young man to answers, I want him to find them for himself.

Ok, I promise (unless something else comes up) to continue my talks on the first amendment.

Also for those who are reading this blog. Please leave a comment, start a conversation.




One Person. One Vote.

The phrase “One man, one vote” is a phrase from the universal suffrage movements that have occurred throughout countries that have declared themselves democracies for the last century. The real idea behind it is if you’re an adult in your country then you should have a say in your country’s future.

I’ve disliked the electoral college since I could start to understand the basics of politics. But this election I’m finding more insulting. A recent count by the Cook’sPolitical Report shows Hillary Clinton had almost 2 million more votes than our current president elect. So, 2 million more Americans chose a different leadership than the way we choose our leadership. How does that make sense?

When it comes to dividing the United States into the power of Congress (2 from each state for Senate and dividing each state into 435 seats for the House of Reps by population), I agree. But for the leader of the country, we need the popular vote. So why not have it? The president elect himself even declared on his own twitter account that he would have won the popular vote if he had campaigned in states that heavily went to Hillary Clinton. So why not make it that way? Why make it so only a few states opinions are important? Are we a United States or are we controlled by the few?

Let’s think of things mathematically (since I love math):
The population estimate of California in July of 2015 (wikipedia) was slightly above 39 million and CA had 55 votes. The population estimate of Wyoming in July of 2015 was slightly less than 600 thousand and WY had 3 votes. So basically for every 709 thousand voters in California a single vote towards the presidency was applied. In Wyoming, for every 200,000 voters a single vote for the presidency applied. In other words the voice of the voter in the least populated state in the US had more say than the most populated stated in the US.

There’s more to this issue that I won’t bring up. But my question for the future fight for both the right and left is this: if the current president elect won the electoral college… why did more Americans vote against him?

The Downside Of The First: Lie With Dogs…

I hope this will be a series of talks about the first amendment. To start with I’d like to talk about freedom of speech and lies. Our new president elect (despite losing the popular vote) viciously attacked his opponent as a  Washington-insider liar and yet he told more than a few tall tales on his own, especially after he made a few twitter rants. But more than that the point is about mis-information.

I won’t enumerate all the lies our future administration has told. If you’re reading this then I’m either teaching to the choir or to the doubting. I simply wish to tell you what I believe is your role over the next 4 years. Question everything. Any time some brings up a stat, ask their source and their sources source. Where does the information come from. If they answer, whip out your phone and look up the information yourself. Verify everything.

George Orwell once said: “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” Our source for this quote, by the way, was: (Ok, not the most reputable but I’m sure you can find a better one than me). So I use this quote to say Question and Verify on your own. Be an independent thinker. When a politician gives a long winded answer to a yes or no question then tell them to give you a yes or no answer. Stand up and say you want a simple answer to a simple question. Even if “I don’t know” is the answer then it could at least be considered honest.

To break out another quote, a protestant pastor in Germany during World War II once wrote a poem. It ended with the phrase “And then they came for me…” Ask yourself the question if you’re not Muslim or Gay or an Immigrant… when will they come for your rights? If a group you’re not part of is the target of a lie then stand up and say so. It is your job now to be the protector of honesty of truth. Find it for yourself. We have a fight on our hands to speak the truth.

Goodnight, Mr. Cohen

I heard Leonard Cohen just died. I’ll admit as this being a political blog I didn’t know much of his politics but his music and poems always made me feel peaceful when I was younger. For that alone, because we are in strange times, I already miss the man.

I hope you and your family find peace.

In Which I Try This Again…

Well, I’ve decided to return and this time I’ve decided to see if I can get not just people who will listen but also people who will talk.

For those of you living under a rock the last 2 years have been insane in the US where I live. Screaming people vying to lead, insulting one another, lying to the people, and just simply making most of us tried and crazed. Out of the ashes came two candidates, Clinton and Trump. One was a woman who’s spent her entire life in public service and essentially grooming herself for real leadership. The other was a misogynistic racist bully businessman who reveled in the creation of the cult of personality built around him.

It was supposed to be a story with a happy ending, Clinton was supposed to crush Trump dealing a blow to the bullying and dog whistle politics that have become the new normal of American politics. But no. The country chose the misogynistic racist bully. Dreams of many were crushed, not just in seeing the first woman President, crushed under the weight of the new normal of bullying your way to the front.

Personally, I spent last night being angry with the country. I essentially came to a new conclusion, I no longer care. The country could burn for all I care for we shall reap what we sow. In other words, I became enveloped in a low grade hatred.

Unfortunately I can’t do that. The more I thought the more I realized that people I cared about care. My mother, sister, and other female friends who’s rights may be turned back by 20 years care. My old roommate who has a child who will inherit a world with environmental problems cares. They care, so I care. I said before that we need an evolution and not a revolution. But neither comes over night. Change requires commitment and changing others requires more. I’m not saying I can change the world or even make a dent, but I still have a voice. So even if I have to scream to the wind I should.

So, welcome to the blog of Aleph Naught. It’s a name that means infinity. I chose the name because of my love of math and the fact that the good fight should be like infinity, it shouldn’t end.