The Government Should Fear It’s People…

The greatest movie to cure depression about the government is always my favorite V For Vendetta.

Simply put, I see the US going toward fascism every day. We constantly give up our compassion for the sake of someone telling us they can keep us safe. But safety is an illusion. You’re more likely to die from the fatty food you just ate rather than some ass perverting a message of peace. We live in fear because we’re told by our own leaders that we should live in fear. Our leaders see terrorism not as a threat but as an opportunity to raise their own profile.

Years ago I would have said this country needs a revolution. But the sad question is, what would we end up with?

So let’s change the phrase. Our country needs an evolution. We need to change. Within us all is the angel and the demon. The angel tells us there’s a Golden Rule, the demon tells us to shoot first. The angel tells us to hope for the best whatever the consequence, the demon tells us to assume the worst and damn the consequence. We too often hear the demon and ignore the angel. It’s time to evolve and listen to the angel. If your life is more important than your soul then your soul is already worthless.


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