More people will read your t-shirt than this blog…

So any idiot can start a blog. True. Guess that makes me another idiot. Probably true.

To be honest… I’m not certain why I’m doing this. Let’s say a lot of unlikely events happen. Event 1: I actually tell people I’m writing a blog. Event 2: They actually want to hear what I have to say. Event 3: These people tell others… and so on. Then what will be the end result? I’ll be preaching to a choir. People who already share my beliefs will hear my words and say things like “right on” or “you said it” or “man, people should read this.” But there will be no real debate. People don’t really listen any more and that’s my problem with people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely guilty of doing the same thing. Seriously, I watch pieces of a republican debate and a white hot ball of angry grows within me. Oh and by the way, if by some reason you the reader accidentally finds this post (which would be akin to trying to drive across Kansas only to find yourself suddenly in Rome, Italy) I’ve been on the left even before I knew how to distinguish my right from left hand.

So there we go. If I give this blog out to people I know and let them read it, know that this is probably more for my own therapy. A diary that no one should really care about left open on an unmade bed. I tired of not talking so here is me screaming to an empty room

Posts will include my opinions on life, the universe, and everything. There may also be pi.


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