In which I attack some so called Christians.

Christianity to me is a lot like Capitalism or Socialism… nice ideas that get bastardized when people get involved. Seriously, what’s the basic idea behind Christianity. Basically years ago a Jewish man, usually depicted with a beard, told people to shut up and be nice to one another. Then he died, people started up a cult of belief, it grew larger, some people got power, others feared that power, one day a very powerful man with a very powerful army in Rome converted, etc…

All well and good if otherwise vague, but let’s flash forward to today where you tend to hear the most about Christianity from politicians and people trying to make some kind of political point which is often a far cry from that Jewish bearded guy’s statement of loving thy neighbor and other messages of good karma. Which brings me to Syrian refugees and right wing politicians. That’s right, we’re finally getting to a point here.

So with the recent Paris bombings you had a handful of governors declaring their states off limits to Syrian refugees. Basically the point is that they believe a terrorist could slip in. In other words your normal fear mongering. Ignoring the how legal issue, let me just ask… how does this not conflict with the whole love they neighbor Christianity thing?

Without going into a whole debate let me just bring this up: I was raised Catholic and eventually left the Church partly because I was a stubborn teenager and stayed away because I felt institutionalized religion had too many issues and who wants to be in an institution (I’m stunned if you get the joke). So I remember enough of the bible to get by.

Anyway with the whole governors turning their back on people fleeing a war zone in favor of drumming up fear for their own people, I couldn’t help but remember the story from the old testament about Sodom (No, I’m not going in an anti-American direction…). I kinda remember the story went that God told Abraham or another prophet that he was going to destroy Sodom for all the sins of it’s people. Abraham pled with God to let him find 50 righteous people so God would spare the city. God agreed and then Abraham kept negotiating down and God kept giving in. Basically God agreed to spare an entire group of people if only a couple turned out the be righteous.

Now, aren’t these so-called Christian governors and for that matter anyone who agrees with them doing the exact OPPOSITE? Basically the message is “Sure, you might all be good honest people who are fleeing for your lives… but one of you MIGHT be an asshole that wants to kill the lot of you, therefore you’re all damned.”

So for all you politicians who want to claim that the bearded Jewish guy and his Old Man sing your praises… well, bite me.


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